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Oriveti Shipping & Delivery - Fast, Reliable Service

Shipping & Delivery



Online purchases are available for countries that do not have representation.  We do not sell directly to countries that have firm distribution in place. (Please refer to our Authorized  Dealer & Distributors)


We ship the parcel via FedEx/DHL Monday-Friday except during national holidays. If can't use FedEx/DHL for some areas, we will use normal post to ship which will take longer delivery.

Orders placed by 12 pm GMT +8 will ship the same day. Occasionally orders may not ship 'same-day' due to stock issues, order changes, or billing delays. Orders placed after 12 pm Friday and on weekends will ship the following business day.


We are not liable for lost, stolen, damaged or mis-delivered orders once the order has shipped and left our facility!


We are not liable for any customs, taxes, or other handling charges that may be incurred in your country or during travel to the destination country.  These are your responsibilities.


Free shipping is available for most parts of the United States except Alaska and Hawaii.


Free shipping is also available for most parts of the world that FedEx/DHL deliver to.  It’s best to check with us if you are from a low-population area.  In such cases, we will advise and quote you on the shipping and handling charges.  We do not profit from Shipping charges.  You are charged what we are charged.


Due to higher incidents of fraud, international orders undergo additional payment screening, and therefore may not ship within typical fulfilment times. International customers remain solely responsible for all customs, duties, and taxes due at time of delivery.  Customers who refuse delivery will be assessed for return shipping costs at time of refund (if any is given).




Once shipped packages which are lost, stolen, damaged or mis-delivered will not be eligible for refund under any circumstances.


All Shipping Costs are Completely Non-Refundable!


All package shipping costs, if any, via ANY carrier or method are 100% non-refundable under any circumstances. In the rare occasion that one of our shipping carriers does not deliver correctly or in a timely manner,  we not liable for missed deliveries for slow or late package shipments due to circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to: unexpected carrier delivery delays; weather-related delays; mechanical-related delays; 'Signature Required' package drop-off enforcement; missed delivery hang-tag notifications; local non-availability of package delivery speed; incorrectly entered shipping information, or missed driver package 'drop-off' by recipient.


Free Shipping is only available for a limited time and is a service that we provide to our customers out of goodwill.  We will announce on our website when free shipping is no longer available.  The offer period is entirely at our discretion.


You may no longer order online from us once an established distributor for your country is in place.  We will not ship to countries with authorized sales and distribution channels.

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