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Introducing OD200 - Experience Dynamic Sound

OD200 main.jpg
OD200 - Single Dynamic HiFi IEM​ with Exchangeable Nozzles

What Customers Say


"An allrounder single DD filled with soul and technical savoir-faire. This is my one-sentence conclusion about the OD200."

Design Concept

Air control is a critical factor in the acoustic design of dynamic driver earphones. It doesn't matter how good the drivers are. If you can't control the airflow, you won't get a good sound.

The OD200 is a revolutionary IEM with industry-leading air control technology. It features a new patent-pending Dedicated Airflow Distribution (DAD) design based on years of experience designing dynamic driver earphones.  It provides an intense and enjoyable sound created by the most controlled airflow.

The CNC-milled metal ergonomic design housing ensures comfortable wearing, product durability, and a premium feel. The British Racing Green color  (             )adds a touch of elegance and style to the OD200.


OD200 also comes with exchangeable nozzle, multiple connector options, and variety of eartips etc.  It offers a complete package for an exceptional listening experience. 

Patent-Pending DAD Design

The DAD (Dedicated Airflow Distribution) design is a specific feature that aims to optimize the airflow within the earphone housing.

OD200 DAD Design.png

The DAD design provides a dedicated path (TUBE) for airflow between the front and rear acoustic chambers of the earphone, improving dynamic driver performance and sound quality.

OD200 exchangable nozzles.jpg

Exchangeable Nozzles

OD200 equipped with the exchangeable nozzles, which allow you to switch between two different sound signatures, providing versatility and customization options.

new stock cable.jpg

2PIN Cable with Modular Plugs

OD200 is equipped handmade 8 wires braided cable. Comes with modular plugs, 3.5mm stereo / 2.5mm balanced / 4.4mm balanced, which allow you to change according to the different playing source.

ORIVETI OD200-1.png


Natural & Clean Sound Signature

OD200 Earphones are equipped with a high-quality 9.8mm Be-Coated (Beryllium-Coated) driver. Which delivers a wide stage, clean, and natural sound signature that will captivate your ears.  And the exchangeable nozzle allows you to switch between two different sound signatures, providing versatility and customization options.

Solid CNC Milled Metal Body

CNC machining allows for precise and accurate shaping of the earphone body.  The use of aluminum alloy in CNC machining for OD200 results in a sturdy and durable earphone body that can withstand daily use and potential impacts while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Ergonomic Body Design

The OD200 earphones feature an ergonomic and tiny body design that is intended to provide a comfortable and secure fit for the user. The ergonomic design ensures that they fit comfortably in the ear without causing discomfort or fatigue.

Detachable 2 Pin Cable with Modular Plug

Variety of Tips

OD200 offers an 8 wires handmade braided  2 Pin connector cable, and three connector options: 3.5mm stereo, 2.5mm balanced, and 4.4mm balanced, allowing you to choose the connector that best suits your audio setup and preferences.

Premium ear tips typically come in a pack that includes a variety of sizes, S/M/L, and materials, Foam and Silicone. These allow users to experiment with different ear tips to find the ones that are most comfortable and provide the best sound quality.


Driver: Exclusive Be-Coated 9.8mm Dynamic Driver

Impedance: 16 Ohm

Frequency Response: 20 - 20000Hz

Sensitivity: 108+-3dB/mW, 1000Hz
Distortion: 0.08%
Plug: Gold-plated 3.5mm Stereo
2.5mm balanced
 / 4.4mm balanced Plug

Package Includes

OD200 Earphone body - 1pair  

Exchangeable Nozzles - 1pair

2 Pin Detachable Cable with 2.5mm balanced, 4.4mm balanced, 3.5mm stereo plugs - 1pc

Genuine Leather Carrying Case - 1pc

S, M, L Silicone Tips - 2pairs per size

S, M, L  Foam tips -  1 pair  per size

Cleaning Tool - 1pc

OD200 box.jpg
OD200 accessories.jpg
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