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ORIVETI bleqk: Redefining Audio Excellence

ORIVETI is proud to introduce the bleqk series, a new line of premium audio products that embody the brand's commitment to delivering exceptional quality and performance. The name "bleqk" stands for "Basic Line Exquisite Quality Kept" reflecting our unwavering dedication to crafting audio solutions that prioritize essential features while maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

Lowmaster main.jpg
Design Concept
Following the success of our renowned models - PRIMACY, NEW PRIMACY, and OH300 - the Lowmaster is out NEW model with 2BA+1DD hybrid technology. This new model capitalizes on the benefits of balanced armature (BA) drivers for pristine, articulate highs and a dynamic driver (DD) for rich, powerful mids and lows, providing an unmatched auditory experience.

The Lowmaster embodies the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and modern elegance. Featuring a sophisticated 3D-printed earbud shell paired with a carbon fiber cover, the Lowmaster is designed to captivate both visually and ergonomically.
The earbud NEW shells are meticulously shaped to fit comfortably in the ears, allowing users to indulge in hours of listening without any sense of fatigue. The thoughtful design ensures both robustness and ease of wear, making the Lowmaster an exceptional choice for both casual listeners and discerning audiophiles.
Lowmaster sound performance.jpg


Precision Tuning

3D Printed Shell

Detachable 2 Pin Cable

Variety of Tips

Each driver in the Lowmaster is meticulously tuned to achieve a seamless integration of low, mid, and high frequencies. This precision tuning ensures that no detail is lost, delivering a rich and immersive sound experience.

Optimized for acoustic excellence and long-lasting comfort, the 3D-printed shell enhances both sound quality and fit. The precise manufacturing process ensures consistency and reliability.

Comes with a detachable cable that can be easily disconnected from the earphone housing. This means that the cable can be removed and replaced if needed, providing flexibility and convenience for the user. Users can choose to use different cables, depending on their preferences or specific needs.

Premium bullet shape / bowl shape silicone ear tips typically come in a pack that includes a variety of sizes, S/M/L/XL. These allow users to experiment with different ear tips to find the ones that are most comfortable and provide the best sound quality.


Driver: 2BA +1DD

Impedance: 16 Ohm

Frequency Response: 5 - 20000Hz

Sensitivity: 106+-3dB/mW, 1000Hz
Distortion: 0.08%

Connector: 0.78mm 2pin
Plug: Gold-plated 3.5mm Stereo Plug

Package Includes

Lowmaster Earphone body - 1pair  

2 Pin Detachable Cable - 1pc

Carrying Case - 1pc

Bullet Shape S, M, L Silicone Tips - 1 pair per size

Bowl Shape S, M, L, XL Silicone Tips - 2pairs per size

Lowmaster box.jpg
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