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Read some of the reviews that our line of products has received


Most hybrid IEMs mostly have a V-shaped sound to me. But the OH300 puts a different aspect to the table and proves that hybrid IEMs can also sound very balanced and coherent. Not many IEMs have managed to achieve that, so I think this new model from Oriveti is very successful


Oriveti came back to the market in a timely fashion with their new IEMs. With an aggressive price policy, beautiful ergonomic design and great packaging, the new OH series certainly tick lots of boxes. And that is why they’re now both in our Best Universal IEMs List.

OH300 & OH500

If you are looking for premium craftsmanship and hybrid designs that could be easily driven well, these amber and black gems are an excellent and competitive offering from Oriveti.


The OH500 is a musical sounding iem that is able to produce smooth bass, emotional midrange and controlled treble. The soundstage provides fullness. The buttery smoothness from the OH500 contributes to a soothing sound.


The “selling” point here is a more neutral revealing tuning which is quite noticeable, especially when it comes to upper mids that have more presence, more clarity, and more resolution.


Beautifully smooth sound, Quick and tight bass with out of this world texture, Clear and very detailed mids, nicely extended yet smooth treble. Superb build. Price.

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